Sakura Wars: HG Spiricle Striker Prototype Obu (Sakura Amamiya Type) 1/24

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From "New Sakura Wars", the phantom aircraft "Reiko Fighter / Trial Sakura Take (Amamiya Sakura)" is lined up in HG!
■ Reproduce the structure and gimmick different from other Reiko fighters with a plastic model.
■ Reproduce the cockpit hatch that opens and closes in a unique way.
■ Equipped with a gimmick for deploying wings.
■ Equipped with an extension gimmick that allows expansion and contraction at the joints of the limbs. Wider range of action poses.
■ A figure that reproduces the appearance of Sakura Amamiya when boarding is also included.

■ Sword x 1
■ Foil sticker x 1
■ Jewel seal x 1
■ Water slide decal x 1

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