Valvrave #04 Valvrave IV Hinowa

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- The fastest of three-dimensional plastic model continued Unit 1 love machine Vu~aruvu rave IV of driftwood Nozaki, Unit 3!
- Reproduce the scene in a play vibrantly rich effect parts, with the accessories!
- Spindle knuckle shoulder injection available in removable. Equipment to both arms also possible.
- Pedestal dedicated to reproduce the injection of the spindle knuckle is attached.
- Effect parts of the afterglow hard to match the shape of the multi-leg spine is attached.
- Reproduce the characteristic shape of specialized equipment performance multi-leg spine that connects to the lower back.
Moving mechanism that flips up is equipped.
- The High Mobility type incorporating specialized equipment to function Vu~aruvu rave IV fire Roh wheel ... lower back
Vu~aruvu rave IV. While showing the activation of the phantasmagoric, the attack excellent characteristics in the near-and medium-range combat
Taking advantage of fully, to assault the center of the enemy forces.

- Accessories: Multi-leg Spine effect for parts × 3, hard afterglow effect parts,
Spindle Knuckle pedestal, fist (left and right), weapon handle (right and left), flat hand (left), dedicated pedestal

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