Zoids: EZ-049 Sturm Tyrann

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Model Specifications:
・Each piece of armor is detachable, allowing users to replicate the frame version.
・The hatches on the armor and frame of the cockpit on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.
・The Zoid Core inside the model’s torso can be removed.
・The 3mm connecting joints on the lower torso are compatible with the various flying bases (sold separately). (Flying Base Neo is recommended.)
・The barrel in the mouth, head armor, tail armor, and heel anchor can be extended in order to recreate the Charged Particle Cannon attack mode.
・The Sturm Booster backpiece and High Maneuver Thrusters are extendable.
・The Active Shields attached to the shoulder armor are flexible to allow for easy movement and the internal X-Breaker can be moved up and down, allowing users to re-enact dynamic melee fights.

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