Taylor's back with the 3rd Lord of the Stores MESBG Tournament Series! This time 700 Points for glory!

Paint and displays are encouraged for some extra Bonus Prize goodness! See below info.


Each round will last 2 hours from it's start time. Lunch may be shortened if the schedule is falling behind. There are plenty of food options in our plaza, including a Pub. Please utilize these eat-in food options, and return to the store before the next round begins for pairing and table selection. While we sell snacks and drinks, we request that no meals be brought back to the shop during or after lunch.

Between rounds one and three there will be a 10-minute grace period to allot table pairings and fair round starting times for everyone. Remember a Wizard may arrive precisely when he needs to, but us halflings need to be on time for Registration.

9:00 - 9:30 Registration
9:30 - 11:30 Round One
11:40 - 1:40 Round Two
1:40 - 2:20 Lunch Break/ Painting Display
2:20 - 4:20 Round Three
4:30 - 6:30 Round Four
6:30: Awards and Round-Up

After rounds one and three there will be a 10 minute grace period to allow table pairings and fair round starting times for everyone.

Tournament Rules

General Rules

Lord Of The Stores is back with its 3rd iteration, 3 events, 3 stores, 3 good times. You know the drill.

Entry and Registration: $25 Entry fee purchased here
(Signing up on Longshanks does not reserve you a ticket)

List submission through Taylor Hanson via Facebook Messenger, email or discord.
New Players are always welcome. The fee goes towards prizes for the event. There will be prizes for the top 3, followed by painting/display/world builder/sportsmanship awards (separate from raffle prizes) then randomised raffle format. A small portion of the fee will also go to a engraving for the store's trophy. Raffles will be awarded for

  • Showing up! (+1)
  • Majority Painted Army (+1)
  • Majority Based Army (+1)
  • Finished Display Board (+1)
  • Conversion Work (+1)
  • List Submitted By April 6th (+1)
  • Longshanks Registration By April 6th (+1)
  • Brought Full 4x4 Setup with terrain (+1) "Even if we don't use it"

Taylor Hanson will be keeping an updated list of those attending list.


  • 700 Point Army Lists
  • 4 Rounds, 120 Minutes
  • 20 Players
  • 100 OSBGL League Points
  • Longshanks Adjacent Pairing System
  • Veto System

Dice Down (700+ Points) time policy (when time is called for last round, players roll the dice in their hands and finish whatever action they are on)

Your list must be submitted before the event (even if you do not reach the March 23rd date) in order to check for errors. First round pairing will follow a Carpool system (You will not be paired first round with the people who arrive with you Limit: 4 persons).

Rule of Thumb: Have fun! Please treat each other, staff members, and organizers with respect. While this is a competitive format with prizing, we are also here for a good time (and hopefully good stories).

Code of Conduct & Sportsmanship:
Respect the Torchlight Games and Hobbies facility and staff.
Respect your fellow players. Players are allowed to clarify special rules or questions about an opponent’s army.
If a TO is called for a rules dispute or LOS question, their ruling will be final.
Disqualification will always be a last resort.
The Most Important Rule can be found on page 14 of your MESBG Rules Manual.

Army List Submissions:

  • Send to the Tournament Organiser - Taylor Hanson via Facebook Messenger, email or discord.
    (email: taylorhanson7@hotmail.com)

Painting & Conversion Rules

Torchlight's Standard about Proxies & Conversions: Torchlight is proud to be home to a great community of hobbyists. We encourage participants to play with the models they have worked so hard to build, paint and base! The most important aspect of this matter is that both players are consistent and clearly communicating with their opponents, what each model is. Regularly reminding your opponent about proxies is a honour you owe everyone at the tournament. Afterall, who wants to win a game because their opponent didn't know who was who because of a model you brought isn't clear.

Proxies, Conversions & WYSIWYG Proxies are not allowed unless pre-approved by the T.O’s. Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modelling skills and are very much encouraged. In all cases, WYSIWYG is strongly encouraged but is not mandatory, as per league rules. A model may rep-resent any version of itself. I.E. Legolas can represent Hobbit, LOTR, or Five Armies versions. If you are unsure, please contact the TO via email“

Tournament Organiser Taylot Hanson's Proxy Notes: With the wonderful influx of support from 3rd party companies, I am happy with any model that is clearly represented as long as you okay it with me before hand and try and get it painted, and official models that don’t have a cavalry model I am also okay with doing the “Gil-Galad sits beside a horse method” – please note for line of sight purposes we will have to use some better judgement. If you are unsure, please contact me via email at taylorhanson7@hotmail.com


  • Missions will be using the Scenario Pool System, (One guaranteed new mission by round 4)
  • First round pairings will follow a “Carpool Travel System” (not be paired first round with the people who arrive with you Limit: 4)

Terrain & Objective Rules

Terrain Rules:

  • Every table will be set-up with terrain prior to the start of the Tournament. Please attempt to keep the terrain in place during or after your round.
  • If an objective marker cannot sit flat, players may nudge terrain to accommodate the objective marker as long as both players agree. Please consult a TO if there is a dispute.

Army List Submissions

List Submission:

  • List Submission to the Tournament Organiser - Taylor Hanson will be begin Saturday, September 10th, 12:00 PM. via email: taylorhanson7@hotmail.com
  • You should bring a printed list on the day of to show your opponent after pairing and before your round starts.