Age of Darkness: Armigers (Warglaives / Helverins / Executioners / Huntsmen)

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Key Features 

  • Formidable armoured Troops for Questoris Household armies
  • Builds two Armiger-class Knights with a choice of faceplates and weapons
  • Swift war machines that stalk the battlefield with anti-armour weapons
  • Can be used in Games of Warhammer 40K or Horus Heresy
  • This kit can also be assembled as a pair of War Dog Executioners or War Dog Huntsmen for Chaos Knights armies in Warhammer 40K

This multipart plastic kit builds two Armiger Warglaives, swift and deadly knights that are designed to quickly close the distance on enemy war machines and obliterate them with specialised weaponry. Each Armiger is armed with a reaper chainblade and a thermal lance, as well as your choice of a carapace-mounted heavy stubber or meltagun. You can build these models in a variety of poses, and customise them with a choice of six unique faceplates to help set them apart. This kit can alternatively be built as two Armiger Helverins.

This kit comprises 148 plastic components, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 100mm Round Bases. Also included is an Age of Darkness Armiger Transfer Sheet, featuring 298 optional markings and icons for the Knight Households of the Horus Heresy. These miniatures are unpainted and require assembly 

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