AK Interactive Siberian Kolinsky Deluxe Brush Case

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This practical zippered cloth case contains a selection of Marta Kolinsky brushes (4 Marta Kolinsky + 4 Siberian Kolinsky) for painting figures and models in general.

The case is engraved with the brand logo and has a capacity for 10 brushes.


  • ABT850-0
  • ABT850-1
  • ABT850-2
  • ABT850-00
  • AKSK-0
  • AKSK-1
  • AKSK-2
  • AKSK-2/0

These sizes correspond to the brushes most demanded by figure painters of any scale.

These premium brushes made by hand by expert craftsmen are made with the best Kolinsky Siberian hair and are some of the highest quality brushes on the market. The softness of the hair and the load-bearing capacity are ideal for figure painters looking for an extreme quality brush with a great capacity to line.

Natural brushes require more care than synthetic hair brushes, as their deterioration leads to loss of shape and degradation of the hair. To increase their service, good maintenance and cleaning is recommended so that paint residues do not dry on your hair. Recommended for any type of acrylic paint.

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