AK: Hobby Cutting Mats

Size: A4 Size: 300 x 220 mm
Sale price$16.99


Modeling cutting mat. 
  • It is a five-layer recycled PVC cutting mat
  • 3mm thickness
  • Two soft outer layers and a hard white inside
  • It has self-healing power, superficial cuts tend to close over time.
  • The selected color is a neutral one so that people can take photographs on their surface with a minimum incidence of the background on the model.
  • This grid is printed in two different shades on each face, a light and a darker one, so that each person can choose the one that best suits their vision or working conditions, this is currently a unique feature of our cutting mats.
A3 Size: 450 x 300 mm.
A4 Size: 300 x 220 mm.

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