Ammo Mig: In Combat 2 - Mecha Battleground (Eng)

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Continuing our dynamic book series about painting and weathering Mechas, In combat 2 is finally available.
Ammo of Mig Jiménez follows the path opened with the first book of the series (In combat), where some of the best modelers of the subject taught us their incredible painting techniques and weathering methods.
This time we have gone a step forward to show how to paint our Mechas according to the operational environment, be it fresh from the factory or war-beaten veterans in jungles or deserts... Even a spectacular Sazabi in a metallic Candy color finish! In addition to all this, we´ll also show several examples of scenic bases in order to provide our models with a proper setting.
An essential book for all the Mecha lovers out there who want an ultra-realistic finish for their models.
Throughout 120 pages, the authors describe in a simple and clear manner, with numerous full-color pictures showing how to achieve the best results with minimum effort.

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