Armada: Summa of All Things Event Pack

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Players brave the dangers of the Maelstrom as they salvage for discarded coaxium containers a long the Kessel Run in this Event Kit for Star Wars: Armada!

The summa of Ali Things Event Pack is designed for two players or teams with players each controlling their own fleet attempting to recover as much coaxium as possible. But there are many dangers in the Maelstrom and players will have to contend with a Summa-verminoth obstacle that threatens to devour their ships in addition to their rival scavengers. 

Containing materials and prize support for 8 players as well as rules for running the event, this pack has everything you need to engage your Star Wars: Armada community and create an opportunity for players to gather and play a unique scenario.


A new event pack for Star Wars: Armada
lncludes a unique scenario that casts players as scavengers attempting to collect discarded coaxium containers
Players must contend with a massive Summa-verminoth as well as each other 
Contains materials and prize support for 8 players, including the lntensify Firepower! card featuring new art

Back Of Box Components:

8 punch sheets, 8 promo cards, 8 sets of Setup cards, 1 Insert sheet

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