Battletech - UNIVERSE (Hardcover) [August 2024]

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A Universe of Possibility

The rich story of the BattleTech setting has played out across more than a thousand years of future history, encompassing the full sweep of human experience. Here, for the first time, that story is presented in one comprehensive volume!

Dive deep into BattleTech lore with this look at the factions of the Inner Sphere, Clans, and Periphery, and learn about key events, personalities, and conflicts for each. Whether you enjoy titanic battlefield clashes, high-stakes covert ops missions, cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, or any other kind of story, you’ll find it in the BattleTech setting.

BattleTech Universe has everything you need to explore the ongoing BattleTech saga, and to write your own chapter on your game table!

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