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In 2825, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, the founder of the Clans, gave his exiled, warrior-led people a dream: the first Clan to return to the Inner Sphere and claim Terra, the cradle of humanity, in honorable combat would claim the title of ilClan—ruler of all the Clans. The ilClan would reestablish the venerable Star League from the ashes of the old, and its Khan would become ilKhan, supreme ruler of all the Clans. Now, 326 years later, the Children of Kerensky have fought their way to Terra with the intent of fulfilling this dream. But will this dream become destiny or nightmare?

Delve into what it means to be the ilClan, and experience the tumultuous Battle of Terra, which will shake the very foundations of the Inner Sphere. Then catch a glimpse of how the Great Houses and other major powers will face the outcome of this far-reaching conflict. Tactical maps, Chaos Campaign tracks, and new ’Mechs that debuted during the Battle of Terra all let you jump right into the cockpit and fight in the culmination of over three centuries of Clan history. Do you have what it takes to conquer the birthplace of humankind, or the courage to defend Terra from its enemies?

The IlClan era sourcebook IlClan is second of two sourcebooks/scenario books that details the beginning of years of the ilClan era, in the year 3151. The included events are the invasion the invasion of Sol System and the Terra itself. With titanic fight between the forces of Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Falcon, and remains forces of the Republic of the Sphere. The book goes into detail the conflict in system and on Terra as to determine whom shall be the ilClan, and Clans to conquest of the Inner Sphere.

Included the book are Maps, Touchpoints for Chaos Campaign type scenarios, Mini-Technical Readout on new Clan 'Mechs, and their record sheets.

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