Battletech: Snord's Irregulars Assault Lance

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With a reputation for unorthodox tactics and a fetish for collecting lost artifacts and treasures, you never know what you're gonna get when Snord's Irregulars hit the field. Yet they always seem to scrape out of the tightest spots.

Unleash the Snord's Irregulars Assault Lance! Included is the new Spartan and unique-to-the-Irregulars FrankenMech, a jumping Guillotine, and new variant of the Highlander—no assembly required—along with four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!


  • Four plastic miniatures
    • Spartan
    • Rifleman Sneede
    • Guillotine
    • Highlander
  • Eight dry-erase cards (dual-sided)
    • Four Alpha Strike cards
    • SPT-N2 Spartan / SPT-N3 Spartan
    • RFL-3N (Sneede) Rifleman / RFL-3N (Sneede II) Rifleman
    • GLT-3N Guillotine / GLT-7M Guillotine
    • HGN-732 Highlander / HGN-694 Highlander
  • Eight MechWarrior pilot cards
    • Alexandria Natasha Snord / Edmond Rydz
    • Samual "Shorty" Sneede / Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sneede
    • David Rowsch / Mattheo Orloff
    • Rhonda Snord / Afet Metgravian

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