Chaos Space Marines: Khorne Lord of Skulls (Web)

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Key Features

  • A hulking Lords of War option for Chaos Space Marines and World Eaters armies
  • Reap a bumper crop of skulls for the Skull Throne using a massive cleaver
  • Bring any opposition to its knees with a variety of arm-and-hull mounted guns

This multipart plastic kit builds a Khorne Lord of Skulls – a massive daemon engine measuring almost 6" tall, and just over 7" in length. Its right arm grips a many-toothed great cleaver of Khorne, while its left arm features your choice of integrated guns – either an infantry-shredding hades gatling gun, or the daemonic and explosive skull hurler. The Lord of Skulls also boasts one of three different belly-mounted weapons – a daemongore cannon, ichor cannon, or gorestorm cannon.

This huge kit is covered in hellish mechanical details, features a poseable head and arms, and includes a choice of two head-crests and two head designs – a fully enclosed helm, and a warped daemonic visage.

This kit comprises 99 plastic components, and comes with 2x Chaos Space Marine Transfer Sheets featuring a variety of Chaos symbols and Traitor Legion icons. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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