City States: Ipparchos

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The Ipparchos is a gifted commander and powerful combatant, whose nature is deemed too aggressive to entrust overall command of an army to. He is instead given tactical command of the fastest and most elite units on the battlefield where his direct leadership and natural aggression allow him to shine. This liberates the Polemarch or Aristarch to focus his efforts in the thick of combat, locking the enemy formations and creating space for his subordinate to size the initiative and deliver the killing blow. HOW THEY PLAY: A distinguished officer, the Ipparchos commands the cavalry forces of the City States armies. Capable of deploying a significant contingent of Companion Cavalry to the enemy's flanks and rear, the Ipparchos brings a crucial fast-moving component to any infantry formation.


  • 1 Premium Resin Cavalry Miniature
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Command Card

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