Conquest: Crucible of Wills - The Stone Face Campaign (Limited Edition)

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Crucible of Wills: The Stone Face Campaign is a new and limited-run box set for Conquest, pitting the forces of Eric Shurr and the Hundred Kingdoms against those of Ragodosh, known as the Stone Face King, and the Dweghom.This unique set will have two exclusively sculpted miniatures included for the characters of Eric Shurr and the Stone Face King. This set will come with a uniquely designed campaign book to encourage new and interesting narrative play for these armies.

You and a friend who are playing these factions will be newly inspired to play through this captivating and action-packed narrative campaign. The boxed set will include the Command Cards for these miniatures, bases and stands, and the Campaign book with folded maps. Also included will be two $5 off coupons, allowing fans to purchase STLs of the all new, exceptionally designed Conquest terrain for the Hundred Kingdoms and the Dweghom. The terrain sets will be available as STLs through the Para Bellum Games online shop directly, and we will have select partners to provide physically produced versions of these on their third-party websites. These STLs will be available on an ongoing basis.


The Dweghom hold of Ghe’Domn is an oddity, containing multiple contesting clans that are ruled by a mighty Raegh – Ragodosh, the Stone Face King. Seeking to unite his hold’s fractured spirit, the Stone Face King aims to retrieve a priceless dragon-slaying blade that was lost long ago; the treasured dragonblade has recently reemerged within the city of Pravia – in the possession of the Hundred Kingdoms. As Ragodosh readies a mighty war-host in a bid to take back such an invaluable Dweghom relic, Erich Schur – an infamous human commander who has weathered countless battles – is called to protect the city of Pravia from the calamity that descends upon it. Two individuals of granite-like will are set to clash in a tense campaign unlike any other – yet there can be only one victor…


●    1 Campaign Book for the Dweghom vs Hundred Kingdom battle
●    1 Special Sculpted Miniature of Ragodosh, the Stone Face King (Hold Raegh)
●    1 Special Sculpted Miniature of Eric Schurr (Imperial Officer)
●    2 Command Cards
●    2 Infantry Bases and Stand
●    Assembly Instructions
●    2 5$ Discount Coupons for STL Terrain!

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required
●    Box size: 30x30x16cm; 1750g

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