GamersGrass Battle Ready Bases: Desert of Maahl (25-170mm)

Size: Round 25mm (x10)
Sale price$24.99


An accursed land, dry to the bone, where some resilient wildlife still thrives lurking in the sands (snakes, scorpions, lizards…). Amid desert rose crystals and the undying cacti the winds sweep the sands to form ridges, exposing crackled earths and clay.

What remains of stray animals and explorers lays abandoned in the wastes, a chill and everlasting reminder of the perils of Maahl – “Consumer of hopes”, “Destroyer of dreams”.
Will your miniatures embark on the quest for Desert’s End? Will they be able the cross this sundering hell between the lands? Can they find shelter for the nights?

Ask yourself this… will you dare to venture into cursed Maahl!?

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