Dice of Crowns

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The old king is dead, and his crown must be yours!

Unfortunately, all the other houses of the kingdom have the same idea. It is time to take matters into your own hands. For each treacherous step, is a roll of the dice...

Dice of Crowns is a fast paced blend of luck and strategy.   It captures the conflict of a war of houses scrambling for succession, through how 7 Dice are rolled, and change hands. Deceptively simple to learn, advanced play offers tricky choices, allowing players to meddle with fate, up end possible victories, and thwart betrayal.

 Betrayal & the Right of Succession

Each die holds one each of Dagger and Crown. The opposing sides of every engagement. Three crowns can earn a claim to the kingdom by Right, but three Daggers will foil your hopes for the turn. Distributing Daggers to opponents carefully during off turn rolls can spell the difference between victory, and defeat. With fleeting alliances coming, and going with the ease of expediency.

Scrolls & Fate

Two Skulls, and two Scrolls decorate the faces of each die. Skulls are one path to victory, with five earning a claim to the kingdom by Fate

Scrolls represent dangerous dealings you must under take with the Rival houses.  Rivals roll the Scrolls given to them in their off turn.  Fate could favor you, returning a skull to your hand, leave a crown in the Rival's hand, or offer them the chance to betray another house. Will it be you?


Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide


Advanced Play

In advanced play a player may choose between chasing three crowns and a claim to the kingdom, or accepting three skulls as a Token of Fate. Fate Tokens can in turn be expended to reroll dice, and change the course of the game. Saving you, or striking back against a rival.

Full Rules can be read here from the prototype phase.

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