Dweghom: Army Support Packs Wave 5

Sale price$34.99


Box Contents:

●    16 Spell Cards
●    17 Command Cards
●    10 Objective Cards
●    9 Incantation Cards
●    12 The Last Argument of Kings Scenario Cards for casual play
●    12 First Blood Scenario Cards for casual play
●    1 Dweghom Deck Box


Product Information:

●    Size: 7.4x8x2.5cm

The Dweghom Army Support Pack set is a comprehensive enhancement for your Conquest gaming experience. It introduces 17 new Command Cards and Secret Objective Cards, along with individually illustrated Spell and Incantation Cards for each faction's casters. These illustrated cards are designed to function as memory aids during gameplay.

In addition to these, the set includes special TLAOK and First Blood Scenario cards, each uniquely crafted to complement different gameplay styles. This pack enriches your strategy with fresh options and ensures that your gameplay aligns seamlessly with the unique characteristics of the Dweghom faction.

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