Dweghom: Magma Forged [Aug 30, 2024]

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All Dweghom have an affinity to the elements of earth and fire. Some possess enough to walk the path of the Sorcerer, bending these elements to their will, while most others possess only enough to be a danger to themselves and others. The Tempered Sorcerers have long sought to both harness and mitigate these tendencies in the dweghom race. The Magma Forged are among their latest successes: allowing the unbalanced and uncontrolled interaction between fire and earth power to power Magma, a lesser form of the balanced mastery of Metal, with enough control that the wielder is not immediately reduced to a pile of smoldering bones and charred flesh. The fumes and heat produced from this process are channeled outwards, generating a powerful field that both weakens the foe and innervates the wielder making him impervious to damage as his foes wither and melt around him. The Magmaforged are the more heavily armored brethren of the Flame Berserkers, focusing on following up on the Berserkers' advance and tasked with holding onto the territory the Berserkers cleared before them.


  • 12x Magma Forged Miniatures
  • Regiment Stands
  • 2x Command Cards
  • 1x Assembly Guide

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