EV-16 Extended Armament Vehicle (Horse Mecha Ver.)

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“Horse Mecha Ver.” is now available in the 30MM Exa Vehicle Series!
■Each joint can move flexibly from the head to the tips of the legs.
■The tail parts are foldable.
■It is possible to ride various aircraft sold separately.
■By using the joint parts that come with separately sold items such as "Customized Materials (Pipe Parts/Multi-Joint)", you can fix and display the mounted aircraft.
■Includes separately sold aircraft such as "30MM 1/144 EXM-A9s Spinatio (Sengoku specification)" and joint parts for customization.
■The leg parts can be used to create a 3mm axis using the polycaps that are sold separately.

■Vehicle x 1 set
■Joint parts x 1

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