Figure-Rise: Kamen Rider Decade

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"Kamen Rider Decade", which is particular about color-coded reproduction and comes with abundant optional parts including 26 types of rider cards, is now available in Figure-rise Standard!
■ It is possible to assemble the head with the image of a transformation scene by dividing the parts unique to the plastic model.
■ Ridebooker can be assembled in 3 types: sword form, gun form, and carrying form.
■ 26 kinds of PET material rider cards that can be loaded on the belt are included.
■ Includes an adapter that allows you to attach the belt to other Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider series.
■ Neo Decadriver is also included.

■ Rider card x 26 types
■ Ridebooker (carrying form / gun form / sword form) x 1 each
■ Neo Decadriver x 1
■ Belt adapter x 7 types
■ Wrist parts Grip hand (left and right), flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (right hand), card holding handle (right hand)
■ Figure rise effect pedestal x 1
■ Foil seal x 1
■ Tetron seal x 1

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