Figure-Rise: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku (Renewal Ver)

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- Saiyan [Brolly] two people with the strongest will meet!

- Movie [Dragon Ball Super Brawl] Original color of the image!
- Two types of Kamehame wave effects!
- Original damage representation sticker included.
- Special package of movie images.

- Special Moves Effects 2 types (Kamehame Waves <for>, Komehame Waves <Liberation>) × 1 each
- 2 facial expressions parts (normal, cry) × 1 each
- 5 types of wrist parts (left and right grip hands, right and left handed wave hands, instant hands) × 1 each
- Effect pedestal × 1
- Original damage expression seal

[Product content]
- Molded parts × 6
- Seal × 1
- Saiya special seal × 1
- Instruction manual × 1

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