Frame Arms Girl: Hand Scale Innocentia

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Now you can have the original Frame Arms Girl, based on the
Frame Arms mech by Takayuki Yanase with character art by
Humikane Shimada, in a new compact size that will fit in the palm
of your hand! The knees on this model are also made to be double
jointed, improving the flexibility. The unarmored arms and legs have
also been made thinner than past Hand Scale units. This model uses
the original Innocentia design, but comes with an all new pop out
hip joint to give a more realistic sitting pose!
Model Specifications:
・The kit includes two pre printed face parts.
・Switch out the bangs to assemble the model with cat ears.

・This miniature model uses the data from the original “Frame Arms
Girl Gourai ,” maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy even at
the smaller scale!
・Despite its small stature of 72mm, the model boasts 22 points of
・The knee joints are double jointed.
・The model comes with an all new pop out hip joint based on the
original Innocentia’s design.
・The kit comes with a variety of eye decals.
・The kit comes with two unprinted face parts for use with the
included decals.
・In addition to open and closed hand parts, the kit also includes
hands for holding larger weapons, as well as two hand parts with
connections for M.S.G. and other weapon parts.
・The kit includes parts to convert the 2mm joints to 3mm in order
to make the model compatible with M.S.G. weapons and accessories


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