Frame Arms: Kagetora Shadow Tiger 1/100

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  The Frame Arms robot domination continues and up next in the series is a new variant of a previously released fan-favorite with the powerful SHADOW TIGER!  Based on the White Tiger mecha the Shadow version was designed by mecha creator Yoji Shinkawa and is still a multi-purpose attack unit with strong capabilities at range and in melee.  It has a generally humanoid shape with long limbs, a “V” shaped torso, enhanced armor paneling at the shoulders, and a distinctive head module with vents and a wedge-shaped face.  Beneath the armor and equipment is a basic robot skeleton, or “Frame,” which is highly articulated and covered in universal 3mm attachment points (compatible with Koto’s Modeling Support Goods series and much more) for extreme customization.  But, while the White predecessor had a snowy color scheme the Shadow Tiger is fearsome in pre-colored dark gray, blue, and brown.  The robot’s 300 parts include tons of armor pieces as well as a brand new Prototype Back Cannon, pre-painted eye parts, and multiple weapon systems and sensors, while its advanced articulation and multiple double joints mean you can display it in all sorts of dynamic battle poses.  Perfect for modelers of any skill level, the Shadow Tiger stands 7 ½ inches tall (1/100 scale) fully assembled.


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