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Fyreslayers: Doomseeker

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It is said of the Doomseeker that his axe scorches the air with every swing, that he spits glowing cinders with every war cry, and that the wrath of the forge burns in his glare. This is no dishonourable mercenary, but a religious crusader whose word is his bond.

Doomseekers are deadly Heroes who specialise in utterly annihilating your chosen target. In-game, they're deadly hunters – choose your target at the start of the game, then watch your Doomseeker obliterate them with a hail of additional attacks. Gaining extra power as they take damage, Doomseekers are brutal combatants and perfect if you're looking to take out your foe’s strongest units.

This kit builds one Doomseeker. It is supplied in 11 plastic components and comes with 1x 32mm round base.

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