Vallejo Auxiliary: 72.650 Gloss Polyurethane Varnish

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Auxiliaries are a range of media, varnishes and thinners. This allows color properties such as gloss, opacity or drying time to be influenced. Glaze Medium dilutes paints and delays drying time to apply glazes and pigment mixtures. With Metallic Medium, the colors get a pearlescent finish. With Airbrush Thinner you can mix colors in the ratio 1 part Airbrush Thinner, 2 parts color and use them with an airbrush. Polyurethane varnishes are very resistant, can be applied with a brush or with an airbrush and dry very quickly. They are applied as a final protective layer and can also be mixed with the colors to change their gloss properties. The range is diverse - from glossy to ultra-matt, different surfaces can be produced.

The new plastic bottle made of r-PET (recycled/recyclable) is completely transparent, improves color visualization and reinforces Acrylicos Vallejo's commitment to sustainability and the environment. The new closure comes with a security seal.

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