Ghost in the Shell: HAW206 Prototype Model Kit

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From the hit series, GHOST IN THE SHELL, HAW206 PROTO TYPE developed by Kenbishi Heavy Industries is joining the lineup as a completely new kit!

The distinct 120mm smoothbore gun, along with the arms and legs on the outside of the unit have fully articulated joints.

The inside of the cockpit is also detailed based on materials from the series, and fitted with a hatch that can open. The brain of Takeshi Tago, which appeared in the second episode of GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX is also included with the kit.

The ends of the arms and legs can be replaced to allow for claw deployment, and with the use of clear parts, users can recreate a finish that is close to HAW206 PROTO TYPE by just assembling the model.

The kit includes a dedicated stand for the model to be displayed stably, and is also compatible with M.S.G MECHANICAL BASE FLYING3 to allow for a greater range of poses.

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