Hexa Gear: Abysscrawler Night Stalker Ver.

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Model Specifications:

■The model and armor parts are of a black coloration similar to LORD IMPULSE and BULKARMβ “LUMBERJACK” making it easy to assemble without painting.
■The model system can convert between “Formation 1” which emphasizes combat, or “Formation 2,” which emphasizes mobility.
■The effect parts for the ICS equipped to the Biting Scissors on the left arm are detachable.
■The ICS effect parts are made of clear orange plastic, giving the model a unique and realistic appearance.
■The Biting Scissors on the left arm can be opened and closed to create a variety of battle poses.
■The secondary “Head Anchor” can be displayed in a variety of configurations.
■The roll bars on the skid units on the legs can be opened and closed.
■A separately sold Governor unit can be loaded in the model’s cockpit.

Included Items:
■Head Anchor Effect Part x1
■Wire x1
■Biting Scissors ICS Effect Part x1
*It is possible to use the biting scissors effect part on either the left or right arm.
■Archive Card x1


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