Hexa Gear: Block Base 03 Lift Option A 1/24

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Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Kotobukiya is proud to present a 1/24 scale Hexa Gear base expansion pack.
Use this set to freely create battle scenes, briefing scenes, machinery maintenance scenes, etc. with other Governors or Hexa Gear.
This base can act as a Hexa Gear storage hangar or a battleground for Governors; the possibilities are endless with the options included.

This expansion pack, Lift Option A, includes two sets of lift runners and staircases paired with two types of joint parts for your personal customization.

Model Specifications:
■ The lift can be made to ascend or descend by hand.
■ More possibilities are made possible for creating settings if you include the DX HEAD QUARTERS and/or Panel Option A; both sets sold separately.

Included items:
■ Joint A x6 set
■ Joint B x6 set
■ Lift panel x2
■ Brace (long) x2
■ Brace (short) x2
■ HEXA G-R.A.M x6
■ Brace attachments x4
■ Lift panel joints x4 set
■ Joint E x4 set
■ Staircase x2 set
■ Staircase attachment A x1 set (midway connection)
■ Staircase attachment B x2 set (with offset)
■ Staircase attachment C x1 set (without offset)
■ Staircase attachment D x2 set (base)

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