Hexa Gear: Bulkarm Alpha 1/24

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  There’s a new addition to the model kit collection revolutionizing the way you put together and display futuristic warriors and their gear.  Kotobukiya’s innovative Hexa Gear series includes transforming vehicles and robot animals along with armored “Governors,” and highly customizable hexagonal port joints let you build and display these models in any way you can imagine.  Up next in the line is a bipedal humanoid weapon that was a mainstream unit before the development of ZORTEX and one of the longest-used units in history, the BULKARM α!  Short and stocky with a heavy armored shell, it was originally developed as a heavy-duty machine and was the predecessor for a wide range of battle equipment and multipurpose combat vehicles.  In that vein the Bulkarm is equipped with fists that can punch right through heavy armor as well as powerful tank guns on its exterior!  This unit is also the very first Hexa Gear with a closed cockpit, and its shell can be opened and closed to equip a Governor figure pilot.  Meanwhile, the hexagram system of 3mm and 5mm joints lets you assemble and equip the Gear as you like, and it comes with two types of head units for you to choose from.  The Bulkarm also comes with multiple weapon systems that can be mounted and displayed in different ways.  Sculpted by Shiego Mouri, the Hexa Gear Bulkarm α stands slightly under 3 ½ inches tall (1/24 scale) fully assembled.  Combine parts from multiple kits in your Hexa Gear collection to build your own customized robots!


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