Hexa Gear: Bulkarm Glanz 1/24

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Model Specifications:
 The model can be converted between “Humanoid Mode” and “Vehicle Mode.”
*The shield, rifle, and assist wheel connector parts will need to be switched out.
 The model includes the first fully closeable cockpit, which can be equipped with a separately sold Governor model.
 The included hand parts are the same as M.S.G. Hand Unit Wild Hands, with a few updates to the design, giving them more stability when holding weapons.
 The tires on the Assist Wheels are made of PVC, giving them a realistic appearance. The wheels are also equipped with an expansion mechanism that allows users to alter the distance of the vehicle from the ground.
 The rifle magazine is detachable, and is constructed with high detail that allows you to see the bullets inside the magazine.
 The model is constructed using the HEXA-G.R.A.M. system, making it highly customizable and compatible with other models from the HEXA GEAR series.
 The model’s headlights are retractable.
 The model’s tail lights are made of clear red and orange parts.

Included Items:
 Bulkarm Glanz x1 set
 Rifle x1
 Shield x1
 Three types of hand parts (closed, open, holding weapon) x1 set of each
 Assist wheel attachment parts x2
 Archive Card x1


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