Hexa Gear: Governor Lat Black Rabbit

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Model Specifications:

■This model is a color variant of GOVERNOR PARA-PAWN LAT MIRROR Ver.1.5.
*Model specifications and build are the same as GOVERNOR PARA-PAWN LAT MIRROR Ver.1.5.
■The head and hair parts come fully pre-painted.
■There are 3 different styles of head parts to give users the ability to assemble in various styles.

Included Items:
■Head A (Deception Repeater Type) x1
■Head B (Rabbit Mask Type) x1
■Head C (Regular Face Type) x1
■Rabbit Mask x1
■Lightweight Blade x1
■Gun Knife x2
■Left and Right Wrist Parts (Lightweight Blade Holding, Gun Knife Holding, Open, New Weapon Holding, Closed)
■ PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1


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