Hexa Gear: Governor Queen's Guard 1/24

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Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Specifications:
■ This model is a variation kit with a new design incorporating parts from IGNITE SPARTAN. A hybrid model with joint structures from other models, such as WARMAGE, with a hip joint that can hold larger weapons, neck joints that can articulate front and back, and axial joint structures for the ankle.
■ The universal arm on the back has 8 points of articulation on either side to create various poses.
■ The large cannon “Criminal Buster” can be folded in the center. Its grip is designed with an adjustable hilt and ball joint, making it easier to play with.
■ The barrel of the Criminal Buster can be equipped with an attachment for a flying base, allowing wider displaying opportunities in more acrobatic poses.
■ The large shield “Beyond” is engraved with the “SANAT” emblem and boasts an outstanding presence.
■ The Jack Blade can be placed beautifully using the newly sculpted sword-holding hand.
■ Various parts can be equipped by attaching the shield mount to the forearm.
■ The color scheme of this model is red, dark gray, black, and clear red.

Included Items:
■ Wrist 4 types (left and right) x1
■ Criminal Buster x1
■ Beyond x1
■ Jack Blade x1
■ Universal Arm x1
■ Shield Mount Attachment x2
■ PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1
■ Archive Card x1

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