Hexa Gear: Governor Vol.1 Night Stalkers Pack

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Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Specifications:
■ A set of three Early Governor Vol.1 models without guns and Alice Packs for a more accessible product.
■ The main body color is consistent with the black color used in LORD IMPULSE and BULKARMβ “LUMBERJACK” to allow for a wider array of combinations for users to enjoy.
■ The kit includes five different head parts such as wearing shooting glasses and with or without a helmet for users to select from.
■ The kit includes the three sets of hand parts (left and right) from GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1.
■ The head parts where the Governor’s face is visible are pre-painted.

Included Items
■ Early Governor Body x3
■ 5 Head Parts x1 Set
■ 3 Types of Hand Parts (Left and Right) x3 Sets
■ Chest Rig x1

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