Infinity: Aftermath Graphic Novel - Limited Edition

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Welcome to the exciting journey that is “Infinity: Aftermath!”

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world full of intrigue and action in this captivating graphic novel, a true gem created by Víctor Santos  with the incomparable artistic stylings of Pedro Andreo. This comic masterwork is designed to capture your imagination and leave lasting memories in your mind as an Infinity player.

The plot will transport you into the  dynamic Human Sphere, where illegal gambling in the exciting environment of Aristeia!, forms the perfect backdrop. The story comes to life in the darkest part of a universe where the desire for revenge and the search for riches drive our protagonists: the brave mercenary hacker, Uhahu, and the intrepid Caledonian Aristeia! fighter Denma Connolly. Together, they  embark on a daring scheme: fix an Aristeia! match with the intention of pilfering the grand prize. However, that cunning, and albeit illegal, maneuver unleashes a dark conspiracy throughout the Human Sphere that engulfs them in a whirlwind of chaotic action and emotions.

From the majestic stadiums of the Tunguska mothership, seemingly mired in kleptocracy, to the bleak modules of Bakunin, these unlikely heroes  find themselves  facing off against the relentless security forces of the Nomad Nation, the fearsome Tunguskan Struktura mob, and the machinations of a hidden power that has spun a diabolical web of intrigue.

This is the crucial moment for our protagonists. This spine-tingling graphic novel challenges the established norms of the Infinity UniverseUhahu and Denma Connolly must prove their bravery and cunning at every turn. The Infinity Universe  hangs in the balance... and the stakes have never been higher.

Embark upon an epic journey in “Infinity: Aftermath” that explores the depths of revenge, greed, and intrigue in the underbelly of the ever-evolving Human Sphere. Each pulse-pounding page of this graphic novel will immerse your senses in  emotions, challenges, and revelations that will shake the foundations of what you think you know about Infinity!

But that is not all. An exclusive and limited opportunity awaits you with the special edition of “Infinity: Aftermath!” We also have a captivating miniature for you, representing Ksenia Lavochkina, the ruthless leader of Struktura and a key player in the shadowy Tunguska mafia. Her crucial role in “Infinity: Aftermath” adds an additional layer of intrigue and depth to the plot, taking the experience to a whole new level.

Mafia, Aristeia! fighters, heists... All these exciting elements converge in “Infinity: Aftermath,” complemented by an exclusive miniature designed for you.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. “Infinity: Aftermath” takes place in the amazing and ever-changing Human Sphere, after all.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting universe that will leave you begging for more and more!

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