Iwata NEO CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrushing Kit

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NEO for Iwata Gravity Feed Airbrushing Kit with NEO CN is perfect for the first time or occasional user because it delivers soft, effortless coverage and quality atomization at low air pressures.  Packaged in a handle box, it's the perfect, portable airbrush kit and makes a great gift!

This kit features the NEO for Iwata CN airbrush which is designed to deliver soft, effortless coverage at low air pressures. This makes it an easy choice for many types of spray applications. This airbrush has a detachable 0.24 oz / 7 ml fluid cup with lid that is large enough for color mixing and an additional 0.05 oz / 1.50 ml color cup that is ideal when using small amounts of spray medium. 

The NEO CN works beautifully with the NEO Air compressor, an ultra quiet miniature airbrush compressor that is ideal for light-use low pressure applications with a working pressure of 4-15 psi. This unit weighs less than a pound and comes with a set of international adaptors so it can be used anywhere in the world. The detachable airbrush holder provides a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when you're not spraying. The single on/off switch offers three air pressure settings allowing you to subtly adjust the air pressure to the perfect amount. 

To help you get started we include several bottles of our airbrush ready Com Art paints as well as some Medea Airbrush Cleaner. To complete the experience, we provide access to full color online instructions and exercises designed by noted artist and airbrush instructor Robert Paschal. 

Kit includes:
• NEO for Iwata CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush
• NEO AIR for Iwata 100-240V Airbrush Compressor with Airbrush Hose
• Online Instructions & Exercises 
• 3 Com Art Colours 1 oz Bottles
• Medea Airbrush Cleaner 1 oz Bottle

The IW120  is part of Effortless Coverage, one of our 5 Ways to Spray categories. Who Sprays with Effortless Coverage? Makers and creators who...

Spray medium range detail and coverage area
Want great atomization at low air pressures
Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
Want many feature and model options
Are hobbyists or professional painters 

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