Kotobukiya: Evangelion Type-02 TV Ver. (190mm)

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to be one of the most enduring anime franchises in history, with some of the most beloved characters of all time… not least of which are the incredible giant robots known as Evas. Kotobukiya is proud to present the next new plastic model kit based on the third completed unit, EVANGELION UNIT-02 TV VER! Intricately sculpted and detailed to reflect Asuka Langley Soryu’s iconic robot, this new kit captures the unit’s iconic lanky body, long limbs, armored torso with shoulder extensions, and of course its unique four-eyed head. Naturally, the kit’s parts (approximately 300) are pre-colored in the accurate red, black, white, and yellow color scheme, so no painting is required. You can even recreate your favorite scenes from the series with the Unit-02 TV Version’s multiple points of articulation and tons of interchangeable parts including hand units with different poses, plenty of weapons, and even the giant robot’s tattered cloak. Sculpted by Yuichi Kuwamura and Masaru Endo, Unit-02 stands just under 7 ½ inches tall. Display it by itself, alongside your Asuka Ani*Statue, or with other great Neon Genesis Evangelion products from Kotobukiya!

■ Model Specifications:
・Awakening Feature: With the signature four eyes, the awakening feature can be recreated through interchangeable parts.
・Movable Entry Plug: The Entry Plug can be pulled out in conjunction with the movable rear block.
・Expansion of the Shoulder Knife Storage: Can be recreated with additional included parts.
・Interlocking Neck Joints: The throat joint is interlocked enabling the model to look up.
・Interlocking Back Armor: The back armor is interlocked with the shoulders to move if the shoulders are adjusted forward.
・The model comes with an attachable umbilical cable.
・The cloak can be equipped through interchanging some parts.

■ Included Hand Parts:
・Closed fists (left and right), open hands (left and right), holding a gun or knife (left and right), open with fingers spread (left and right), and grabbing hands (left and right).
・With the wide variety of hand parts made with PVC for easier assembly and better maintenance, users can recreate many scenes from the series.

■ Pre-Painted Parts:
Some of the parts are pre-painted such as the colors of the eyes, allowing users to recreate Unit-02 from the TV series with ease.

■ Included Items:
・Cloak (PVC)
・Rocket Launcher
・Sonic Glaive
・Entry Plug
・Umbilical Cable
・Progressive Knife
・Pallet Rifle
・Cover parts to recreate the plugged in Entry Plug
・Additional parts to recreate expansion of the shoulder knife storage
・Additional rear parts with 3mm connecting joints compatible with “M.S.G Flying Base R”
・Decals (arm and shoulder markings)

This model is compatible with “M.S.G Flying Base R” (sold separately) for users to recreate various action poses. The base can be attached through the 3mm connection joint on the rear on the umbilical cable.

(This item is a reproduction.)

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