Hexa Gear: Voltrex 1/24

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Crashing its way through any terrain thanks to its multiple modes and highly articulated legs is the Hexa Gear known as VOLTREX!  Kotobukiya’s innovative Hexa Gear series includes transforming vehicles and robot animals along with armored “Governors,” and highly customizable hexagonal port joints let you build and display these models in any way you can imagine; this brand new model kit collection is going to revolutionize the way you put together and display futuristic warriors and their gear.  A general purpose mech, the Voltrex races across the ground in a sleek three-wheeled configuration.  For battle it converts to its saurian-like “Z-Atex” mode wielding a Plasma Cannon, Tail Blade, Grapple Cutter, Automatic Grenade Launcher, Head Blade, and Ankle Blade.  An inner robotic frame is fully equipped with the new hexagram system along with 3 and 5mm joints so you can assemble and equip the Gear as you like.  The sleek craft even has a highly-detailed cockpit unit so you can have a governor pilot it (optional, sold separately).  Sculpted by Maruya, the Hexa Gear Voltrex stands just under 9 ½ inches tall (1/24 scale) fully assembled.  Start your Hexa Gear collection here and combine parts from multiple kits to build your own customized robots!


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