Legions Imperialis: Warbringer Nemesis Titan with Quake Cannon

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  • An epic scale fire support Titan for Legions Imperialis and Adeptus Titanicus
  • Carries a mighty Warlord-class quake cannon on its back
  • Armed with an arm-mounted volcano cannon and laser blaster

The set includes:
- 1x Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titan
- 1x Reaver laser blaster
- 1x Reaver volcano cannon
- 1x Mori quake cannon
- 1x Legions Imperialis 105mm Oval Base
- 1x Adeptus Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis Titan Transfer Sheet
- 1x Adeptus Titanicus Warmaster Titan Command Terminal
- 3x Warbringer Nemesis Titan Weapon Cards

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