Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Basilisk & Medusa Batteries

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  • Eight epic scale heavy artillery tanks for your Solar Auxilia
  • Build them as bunker-busting Medusas, or more generalised Basilisks
  • Add mobile fire support to annihilate dug-in or massed light infantry

This kit builds a column of eight epic scale artillery tanks, to add fire support to your Solar Auxilia armies for games of Legions Imperialis. Each tank can be built as either a bunker-busting Medusa or a long-ranged Basilisk, and comes with a choice of different crew poses or a closed top hatch. These versatile tanks will win you battles when used properly, adding loads of tactical options to your toolkit.

This kit contains 128 plastic components, and a Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheet. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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