Leviathans - The Great War Starter Box [July 2024]

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Leviathans is a tabletop miniatures game that uses the innovative modular dice system of colour-coded dice and easy-to-read physical record-keeping cards that allow for quick and easy play while retaining the depth of strategy that will encourage repeat play.

This expands on the original edition, adding new abilities, ships and factions past what was in the original edition, while advancing the timeline directly into the The Great War era.

Each game centers around moving our pre-painted miniatures across a hex board, trying to out-maneuver your opponent. Players will fire various weapons at each other's ships until either an objective is completed or the enemy falls from the sky. The base game comes with German and French fleets, additional Fleets are planned.

Leviathans prides itself as a game that is easy-to-learn, while having a large amount of tactics and replayability.


  • 2 Destroyers and 2 Cruisers
  • Ships are fully-assembled and pre-painted
  • Token sheets
  • 8 ship cards
  • Maps
  • Admiral cards
  • Rule book
  • Dice set
  • Dry erase markers

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