Macross: HG YF-21 1/100 Model Kit

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The 4th installment of the HG "Macross" plastic model series is a three-dimensional version of "YF-21", another main aircraft that competed fiercely with the YF-19 to become the next main aircraft from "Macross Plus"!

  • Adopts "three-step replacement transformation (shortcut change)" that simplifies the transformation sequence by using replacement parts for some parts. The ease of assembly, wide range of motion, and sophisticated forms unique to the HG series are achieved.
  • In addition to Gerwalk, Fighter, and Battroid forms, the characteristic form and "limiter release" mode are reproduced.
  • The head can be detailed with a movable shaft at the base of the neck and a ball joint.
  • The shoulder part ensures a wide range of motion by moving the duct part and shoulder joint.
  • The chest has multiple axes of movement, allowing it to move in a wide range of directions from front to back and from side to side.
  • Canopy using polarized molding can be opened and closed.
  • Effect parts for reproducing "Pinpoint Barrier Punch" are included.
  • Comes with a namer sticker that is extremely thin but has excellent concealment properties.
  • By using the included joint parts, it is possible to display the action base (sold separately) even in "limiter release" mode.


  • Gun pod x 2
  • Parts for gun pod retracted state x 2
  • Effect parts x 1
  • Landing gear x 1 x
  • Parts for reproducing fighter form x 1 x
  • Joint parts x 1
  • Hand parts x 1
  • Namer sticker ×2

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