MSG Heavy Weapon Unit: #13 Grind Circle

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Giant robot model kits are great, but they can always be improved upon by adding even more cool parts… and Kotobukiya has you covered with all-new customizable add-on units.  The latest, the HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 13 GRIND CIRCLE, brings you a vicious machine of destruction that will look awesome in your display as it tears through enemies!  Perfectly scaled to the various Kotobukiya robot model lines, the Grind Circle kit consists of 40 pieces molded in pre-colored plastic featuring a gray support structure of an engine and rails with silver and clear blades.  There are multiple ways of configuring and attaching the parts for further customization, and you can use them with other Modeling Support Goods parts and weapons from Kotobukiya for unlimited options in building, posing, and equipping your Frame Arms, Border Break, and other robot models!


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