MSG Heavy Weapon Unit: #18 Raging Booster

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Power up your air combat Frame Arms with this giant booster unit!

Similar to the Heavy Unit Weapon series, each unit includes 3mm attachment joints for various customization. Swap out the part below the knees to display as an Internal Leg Booster Unit. Use with HEAVY WEAPON UNIT19 SOLID RAPTOR or HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 11 KILLER ‎BEAK to create Support Fighters.

Product Specifications:
■The main booster can be used as a “”Leg Unit With Built-In Booster”” by exchanging it with the Frame Arms’ knee unit. The vectored nozzles expand to form an ankle unit.
■Switch out the main booster with parts below the knee of a Frame Arms unit to display as Internal Leg Booster Unit.
■The booster built into the internal calf booster can be deployed by articulating the knee joint.
■Each unit can be disassembled to be used as versatile armor or additional boosters.

Included Parts:
■Basic Booster ×1
■Main Booster ×2
■Truss Unit ×2
■Attachment Joint For Leg Part ×2
■Attachment Joint For Base ×1

(This item is a reproduction.)


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