Nuke Matrix: Fantasy Girls - RABBIT Cyber Forest Remote Attack Battle Base Info Tactician Lirly Bell

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--The second version of the NUKE MATRIX Bishoujo Mecha Plastic Model Series [FANTASY GIRL], commonly known as RABBIT, will be on sale.

--The character setting is specialized for tactical analysis, and it is equipped with a touch panel type tactical board.
-A gun for close quarters battle, a carrot type missile, and an AI-equipped pod for escort are also included.
--The AI pod can also be combined with the armament of the first FOX in the series.
-Comes with 3 types of tampo-printed face parts, 4 unprocessed face parts, decals, stickers, and a stand.
--Transparent armor parts (blue) and muffler with team logo (gray) will be included as the first limited parts!

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