Nuke Matrix: Fantasy Girls - FOX Long Range Striker Unit Vivienne

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Following the popular MechaMusume Bee Assault Ruiri, Nuke Matrix has released another model kit  - F.O.X. Long Range Striker Vivienne, from a brand new IP - Fantasy Girl,  The War in the Forest.

Vivienne is the best sniper and the leader of Fox Team, but also a successful test subject of "Maiden Project". In order to maximize her combat capability, she is equipped with specially tailored equipment:  "Fox" Type I Multi-purpose Sniper Rifle,  "Fang" Tactical Dagger and "Apocalypse" Beam Saber. There is a rumor saying her bunny buddy holds the key to unleash Vivienne's full power....

- Model Kit "F.O.X. Long Range Striker Vivienne"
- Accessories
    -"Fox" Type I Multi-purpose Sniper Rifle,
    -"Fang" Tactical Dagger
    -"Apocalypse" Beam Saber

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