One Piece: Thousand Sunny (Land of Wano Ver.)

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Here's an amazing kit of the Thousand Sunny, as seen in the Wano Country arc of "One Piece"! Figures of the Straw Hat Pirates in their new outfits are included, and the cannon and paddle can be reproduced through parts replacement. Seals and water-transfer decals are included to reproduce the damage the Thousand Sunny had incurred when she entered the Wano Country, and in-scale mini models of the Shiromokuba No. 1, Mini Merry No. 2, and Shark Submerge No. 3 are also included. An exclusive display base is also included. Join the adventure and order this kit today!


Figure set
Shiromokuba No. 1
Mini Merry No. 2
Shark Submerge No. 3
Display base
Foil seals
Marking seals
Water-transfer decals


The costumes of the Straw Hat Pirates have been newly recreated, and the Sunny version of the Wano Country edition has been made three-dimensional!

Height approx 360mm. Reproduce the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano Kuni costume with new modeling.

Gaon gun and paddle can be replaced and replaced.

Kinasseal and water transfer type decals can be used to reproduce the damage that was incurred when entering the Wano Country.

Shiromokuba 1, Mini Merry 2, Shark

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