Pokemon Model Quick!! Squirtle

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Easy assembly without any tools! Squirtle joins "Pokepla Quick!!", which is easy to assemble even for first-timers!

  • Overall height approximately 85mm. Enjoy the cute poses that make you want to collect them.
  • Easy to assemble and colorful finish with careful parts division.
  • Simple specifications that make you think of the finished product the moment you see the runner.
  • Touch gate method that does not require any tools.
  • Pursuing a cute form that can be achieved through fixed poses.
  • Enjoy displaying the three partner Pokemon you meet at the beginning of your journey together with the separately sold "Pokémon Plastic Model Collection Quick!! 11 Charmander" and "Pokémon Plastic Model Collection Quick!! 13 Bulbasaur"!


  • Seal x 1

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