RG #?? RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0 [Oct 2024]

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The latest designed internal frame is inspired by a semi-monocoque structure, allowing you to relive the construction of a mobile suit. The joint structure, which returns to the original design, has adopted a new structure in which ``the parts that look like joints bend properly'' by reinterpreting the movable axis.

The legs are a reconsideration of the "hand-to-hand combat MS Gundam" and use composite frame joints to draw an outline similar to that of a human when it moves. Details are engraved on parts that are not visible from the outside, such as joints and the backs of parts. It has a seamless design that eliminates conspicuous mounting holes and integrates it with the design.

The intricately colored head is thoroughly reproduced by color-coding by molding color. Details have been added down to the smallest details such as the twin eyes, main camera, magazine drum, and cheek duct. Panel lines that reflect the support from the mechanism are divided into functional blocks. It is designed with the image of the actual dividing line in mind. The exterior design is a fusion of the latest interpretation and a return to origins, not only by adding small details, but also by taking into account the overall shape of each part, such as the edges and curved surfaces.

By composing the white body with two-tone molding colors, the amount of information (_ shading) as a three-dimensional object is fully produced. Core Fighter can be transformed into Core Block. In addition to reproducing the proportions of the aircraft form, the newly developed auxiliary joint gimmick is built into the compact core block, contributing to the realization of free posing of the Gundam. As an RG original gimmick, the chest armor covering the cockpit opens and closes up and down.


Beam rifle x 1 Beam saber x 2 Shield x 1 Hyper bazooka x 1 Landing gear parts for core fighter x 1 set Hand parts x 1 set Realistic decal x 1

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