Seraphon: Stegadon / Engine of the Gods (Web)

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Key Features

  • A skink war-party atop a scaled behemoth for your Seraphon army
  • Carries an armoured howdah with a skystreak bow or sunfire throwers
  • Can also be built as a Stegadon Chief or an Engine of the Gods

This multipart plastic kit builds a Stegadon, a reptilian war-beast crewed by skink warriors. This stubborn beast is covered in armoured scales, and carries your choice of celestial weapons – either a skystreak bow that fires powerful bolts, or a pair of sunfire throwers that unleash bursts of celestial flame. Its howdah carries five skinks who can be armed with a variety of weapons and positioned however you choose.

In addition to the skink riders and their armoury, the kit includes loads of ways to customise your Stegadon. There's a choice of different clubbed tails, armoured crests, horns, heads with open or closed mouths, and two pairs of banners, plus various accessories to decorate the howdah.

This kit can alternatively build a Stegadon Chief or an Engine of the Gods.

This kit comprises 113 plastic components, and comes with a Citadel 120x92mm Oval Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembl

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